Are you Afraid? Be Careful!

I must say I am shocked at people's reaction when I say I rescued a few Pit Bulls. "Are you afraid of them?" I had the lady at the dentist office ask me. No I am not are you afraid of a Chihuahua? "No?!" she said all confused. Well I am! I have been bitten by more Chihuahua then any other dog... never been bit by a Pit Bull. Then I went on to tell her that they are the sweetest things ever. Even though they came from a horrible horrible life of abuse they are so sweet and ready to please and listen so well. Then I get an email from someone in rescue who knows of a JRT that the family "kicked out of the house" because they got a new dog and she has been living outside eating garbage for the past 3 months. The rescue person said in her email "If it really is a JRT be careful introducing it to other dogs!". Seriously! You are a rescue person and you are allowing yourself to stereo type like this! Just irritates!
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