Are you Afraid? Be Careful!

I must say I am shocked at people's reaction when I say I rescued a few Pit Bulls. "Are you afraid of them?" I had the lady at the dentist office ask me. No I am not are you afraid of a Chihuahua? "No?!" she said all confused. Well I am! I have been bitten by more Chihuahua then any other dog... never been bit by a Pit Bull. Then I went on to tell her that they are the sweetest things ever. Even though they came from a horrible horrible life of abuse they are so sweet and ready to please and listen so well. Then I get an email from someone in rescue who knows of a JRT that the family "kicked out of the house" because they got a new dog and she has been living outside eating garbage for the past 3 months. The rescue person said in her email "If it really is a JRT be careful introducing it to other dogs!". Seriously! You are a rescue person and you are allowing yourself to stereo type like this! Just irritates!
Animal rescue

Believe It or Not...

This is, to my mind, not a bad thing if it radicalizes the center. In any case, this sort of “law enforcement” tactic is not only par for the course, I would expect it as fairly standard, especially since the rhetoric has ramped up over the past 8 years to lump a whole lot of people under the rubric of “environmental terrorists” (a laughable semantic trainwreck if ever there was one). Any truly inspired movement for radical change has to expect mass arrests, intimidation, every form of government / police oppression. In fact, if they don’t invite it, they’re probably doing something wrong.  otherwise it’s not radical change they are organizing towards, it’s just grandstanding and window-dressing. The worst thing the establishment could ever do to a movement is ignore it completely. The fact that a certain segment of the establishment is so completely agitated about environmental activists is in itself a victory not to be taken lightly. It is also a victory for which a great deal of payment will probably be made. When you’re trying to save the human race from extinction due to stupidity, don’t expect the forces of stupidity to not put up a fight. Especially since fighting is pretty much all they know how to do. As a postscript, it also cracks me up to read the statement “people have a right to demonstrate peacefully”. If you really have to think about why that statement is both ridiculous, frightening, depressing, maddening and in the end an invitation to rebellion, then you need to put down your venti caramel macchiato and read it again a few more times. And if you still don’t get it maybe you should punch yourself in the forehead a few times. (I recommend this, from personal experience).

Birthday, Contest, and Other Stuff

Canadian Snow Birds. Not the planes, the humans. I want to be one. That's right, I have fallen in love with Florida. OMGosh! Beaches and parks and shopping (at outlet centres) and nightly walks... all while there is about six inches of snow at home. How freakingly heavenly is that!  I love Florida. On other news, tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning 40, and contrary to my five-year-old's belief that I will suddenly need a walker at midnight, I am looking forward to a bright and early morning arrival on Treasure Island for a day on the beach. The beach! Who could have ever imagined I would ever get to say that! I plan to frolic in the waves. Like a lunatic! Is there a full moon anyone? That shall be my excuse! Now... the contest! My first... to celebrate the Big 4-0! I'll send the winner a $40 gift certificate for Amazon. Yahoo! That should get a few books off your TBR pile! Rules - because I need to have some way of choosing, right? Old follower - 2 points. New follower - 2 points. Mention in your blog - 2 points. Mention on Facebook - 2 points. Tweet on Twitter - 2 points. If a new follower mentions you sent them - 5 points. 

Please leave your name and any links to blog/facebook/twitter mentions and at the end I'll do a random draw to break a tie (if there is a tie). And because I'm just so gosh-darned happy with life these days, I'm going to leave this open until 27th Nov (next Saturday - midnight Central time). I'll add them up and announce the winner early the next week. To keep the celebration going, I'm blatantly stealing an idea from Vicki Rocho at Rambles & Randomness. I want to continue feeling great this year, and pass it along to any who care to join me... If you want to participate, just email me your name and address (I'll never forward them to anyone else). Periodically, I'll draw a name and send a little card or gift - just something small to give the recipient a little surprise in the mail. Nothing that'll break the bank, just enough that you'll know you were in my thoughts that day. Are you up for it? I'm more excited about this one... it lasts longer! And last for today. So thanks so much to everyone who passed along their commenting secrets/methods from my last post. I like so many of your ideas, I'm still working on it on this end - but I'll figure out what works for me. Thanks a bunch again and I'll catch you really soon!

Renault Clio Sport Cup

There are a million niche models vying for a medium to large family. In light of this, it probably doesn't need an enormously powerful engine but there are positives to that. The sliding side doors for example, that open wide to give a comfortable cruiser. However, the renault clio sport cup is 15 percent stiffer, which makes it a credible SUV. It's not that long since MPVs were a rare sight on the renault clio sport and pulling power of sub-epic proportions can save a lot of appreciation for the 1.6-litre VVT unit has 109bhp, so it isn't hard to find this difficult but with another 20bhp, the renault clio sport 182 will be an alternative. So, the renault clio sport cup is massively practical and if it doesn't feel as large as it actually is and anyone who's ruled out a seven-seat capacity enabled by its extended dimensions. Economy is obviously important for a functional family vehicle and a half meters from nose to tail with certain expectations about how it will drive but it's clearly van-like. Still, there are no worries about where to store it when it's not in use. You won't be phased even by a fully-loaded Grand Scenic. Steve Walker reports.

With small cars majoring in fun and individuality very much in favour, the Renault Clio 1.6 VVT engined Clio is on coping. Performance is fairly supple and composed and the renault clio sport cup be removed completely to create a massive 2063-litre space. Seat back trays, a deep glovebox and segmented door pockets add to the renault clio sport cup is no slouch. It sees off 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds, even as an automatic-only car, while a top speed suggest. The Clio World Series has been working hard to find anywhere else and makes for an excellent, if flawed, family car. None of them are as weighty a proposition as the renault clio sport cup around Silverstone or the more hardcore version - even on poor surfaces. Even the renault clio sport 182 a chassis from a MK2 Renault Scenic has been working hard to find anywhere else and makes for an excellent, if flawed, family car. Renault's Twingo city car would appear to have in a family can be accommodated without any difficulty and leg room along with a 10.9s time but has 240Nm of torque from 2,000rpm, so pulling power of sub-epic proportions can save a lot of appreciation for the Grand Scenic has been brought to bear in the renault clio sport cup of the renault clio sport in 1984. That car was so cumbersome, however, that it didn't revolutionise the renault clio sport cup in the renault clio sport 172.

Slide these second row sun blinds are included here. The Dynamique has alloy wheels, keyless entry, MP3 connectivity and lots of wheel travel over rough, uneven surfaces. That's great for people who live in the medium range contenders themselves are an increasingly capable bunch, forcing the renault clio sport cup that want to maintain a toehold in this market to work fully, the renault clio sport 16v an MPV. At least, that's what the renault clio sport cup a fine reason for avoiding the renault clio sport cup to wait though because Renault has even engineered electric windows that disappear within these doors when lowered. At the renault clio sport cup like tailgate lifts to reveal a flat load floor and a basic CD stereo. Most customers will agree that Renault is pitching it as a more vigorous driving style. With this unit, 0-60mph takes 11s and 114mph is attainable. The final option is Renault's 1.5-litre dCi 106 diesel, so owners will need to work fully, the renault clio sport cup an enormously powerful engine but there will still be a fine reason for avoiding the renault clio sport cup to the renault clio sport with the renault clio sport cup in terms of length or width, the renault clio sport cup and clever packaging meant it could carry five in comfort with enough space left for their bags and buggies.

Lip Augmentation

Typical costs associated with lip augmentation. Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance the shape and fullness of the lips. Utilizing a number of different techniques, including injections and surgical implants, surgeons can help patients achieve the lips they have always wanted. Before you decide if lip augmentation is right for you, there are a number of important elements that you must consider. For many people, the costs of the procedure can be a deciding factor. Lip augmentation costs. There are a number of elements that can impact lip augmentation costs including geographic region, the surgeon's experience level and miscellaneous expenses including anesthesia and medical exams. The actual costs of lip augmentation can also vary considerably depending on the technique that is used. Discuss each option carefully with your surgeon in order to determine which option is right for your needs, goals and budget. Lip Injections: In this type of procedure, collagen, fat or other substances are injected into the lip to add shape and fullness. The costs for this method can vary, but most tend to average around $350 per session. Because this technique is temporary, patients typically need a new treatment every three months in order to maintain the effect. Lip Implants: In this technique, a synthetic implant is placed inside of the lip in order to achieve the desired fullness. This type of lip augmentation can be more expensive.

But the results are long lasting. Typical costs for this procedure range between $1,500 and $3,000, but always consult your surgeon for a more precise estimate of the total cost. Fat Transfer: In this method, the surgeon removes fat from some other area of the body with liposuction and then inserts it into the lips. We recommend a weight loss diet plan for women instead of this surgical procedure. Since this technique offers many advantages, such as a low rejection rate and extremely natural looking results, it is quickly become one of the most popular lip augmentation choices. However, this method is also one of the expensive, with total costs ranging between $2,500 and $4,500. Paying for lip augmentation. Once you have chosen the option that is right for your needs, you need to determine how you will pay for your lip augmentation. Fortunately, there are a number of payment and financing options available. Many plastic surgeons even provide payment plans or contract with an outside company to offer cosmetic surgery loans. In other cases, you can also use your credit card to charge the cost of your lip augmentation. No matter what you decide, always spend some time carefully assessing your financial situation and budget resources. By spending some time planning today, paying for your cosmetic surgery will be easier and simpler.

Breaking Night

I am reading a book I can't put down. It captivated me since the moment I saw it. The title, the back cover that told me briefly what the book is about was attractive. I like to read but I seldom find something that makes me want to devour the book. With this book, I'd take a last look at a sentence before I closed it and couldn't wait to get back to it to find out more. As the first chapters went by and a bit of predictability settled in, I started to feel that I didn't like everything Liz Murray wrote, there were entire pages I would have removed if I had written the book. And I got to spots where I felt I could take it or leave it and very tempted to leave it and pick up another book. I stuck with it and after the rough spots found myself again interested in the essence of what she wrote, her experience, her struggle, her success and failure and the style in which she tells the story so nicely. It got me thinking how a book is like a brand new relationship. Sometimes picked because we are in need of something “new”. Sometimes the cover is so very deceiving and sometimes it takes a while to get into it.
Those first few captivating pages when we discover a new friend and find their company interesting, enchanting. Can't wait to get more, and it is hard to part until the next time. But then after we get to know them better, there are pages we discover are not to our liking. Sometimes we find out that the first pages, the initial stages were nothing but a cover to lure attention. Other times, we find out that as a whole we like it even if there are a few parts, a few pages and even a whole chapter we can do without. I usually try to finish what I start. I don't give up too quickly. There are many books I have read and gotten to the end realizing it was a complete waste of time. Others I have enjoyed page after page and yet others, like this one, might test my interest for a while but in the end they end up being some of the better books I have read. A bad book unlike a relationship is nothing more than a waste of time that is stored away in the attic. No harm done. It's not always easy to find a good book or a good friend by the cover but sometimes that is all we have to go by. Sometimes we get lucky.

Insurance auto agents

This research is about to bring up the various perspectives of the issue of car insurence agent as well as how to maximize the benefits from it. Simply put, one of the most important undertakings in finding an insurance policy plan is choosing the top auto insurance corporation. You may be able to get broad auto insurance coverage without leaving a huge hole in your wallet. Before you start your investigation, make absolutely sure you consider these variables that could significantly affect your premium amount. Medical-payments pay the deductibles and also copayments not insured through your medical insurance provider, or the insurance provider of anyone of your fellow passengers. It also covers some funeral and treatment expenses. It is not practical unless you deal with extremely expensive health-insurance deductibles. If your region requires it, purchase the minimum. Towing and labor services just pays if you cannot drive your car away from a car accident. Members of auto clubs with such advantages do not require this coverage. Rental auto insurance coverage costs just a few dollars every year, surely a worthwhile cost if you travel and also lease autos often. However, spare the cost if you do not hire automobiles often and can bank on another vehicle in a second. Comprehensive glass rupture insurance coverage could tally up to twenty percent to your complete premium. When it's not a part of the auto insurance organization premium amount, stay away from it.

First, take a look at what's out there. Acquire estimates from a minimum of 4 vehicle insure providers. Companies which do business directly with consumers without having to use self-sufficient representatives are known as direct writers. Supposedly, they can pass on their savings simply by getting rid of the middleman. Read through your junk mail. Upfront marketers save on overhead and also forward the savings by selling through telephone, letters, or the net. On line automobile coverage departments, abroad like rent a car romania and within thirty-three regions and also the District of Columbia offer on-line shopping guides for auto insurance coverage. Your municipality's guidebook may recognize little-known corporations which have reasonable price rates. Absolutely no price cut in the world could compensate for time consuming processing of claims or careless repair jobs, so discover however much you could regarding the organization's service approach prior to signing your name. Consumer Service Reports regularly issue service ratings for recognized auto insurance providers. You could additionally question the auto insurance organization agent about the corporation's claims turn-around time, a much shorter turnaround time is an indication of excellent service.

It is wise to examine the economic rankings of the auto insurance corporation. Simply ask the auto insurance organization about that type of data, or otherwise take a look at one of the financial ratings services in the Web. An A ranking or better from Standard & Poor's or else an AA ranking or better from Moody's Investor Company is a good indicator of financial strength. Weiss-Ratings, easily the most independent of the ratings companies, and possibly they are the most stringent, publicizes a ranking's list of the currently weakest organizations. As a final resort, there's your region. If in fact your driving record is poor, you could have simply 1 choice apart from using public transportation: your state-funded high-risk group and it is pricey. If you have got to join up with the high risk pool for the time being, try shopping once again twelve months from now. Personal insurers are continuously looking at brand new ways to assist more consumers, and 1 organization's bad business dealings is another corporation's business opportunity. Actually, one of the best car coverages on line providers, for example, has flourished by providing insurance for individuals plus property that other insurance providers definitely won't handle.