Birthday, Contest, and Other Stuff

Canadian Snow Birds. Not the planes, the humans. I want to be one. That's right, I have fallen in love with Florida. OMGosh! Beaches and parks and shopping (at outlet centres) and nightly walks... all while there is about six inches of snow at home. How freakingly heavenly is that!  I love Florida. On other news, tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning 40, and contrary to my five-year-old's belief that I will suddenly need a walker at midnight, I am looking forward to a bright and early morning arrival on Treasure Island for a day on the beach. The beach! Who could have ever imagined I would ever get to say that! I plan to frolic in the waves. Like a lunatic! Is there a full moon anyone? That shall be my excuse! Now... the contest! My first... to celebrate the Big 4-0! I'll send the winner a $40 gift certificate for Amazon. Yahoo! That should get a few books off your TBR pile! Rules - because I need to have some way of choosing, right? Old follower - 2 points. New follower - 2 points. Mention in your blog - 2 points. Mention on Facebook - 2 points. Tweet on Twitter - 2 points. If a new follower mentions you sent them - 5 points. 

Please leave your name and any links to blog/facebook/twitter mentions and at the end I'll do a random draw to break a tie (if there is a tie). And because I'm just so gosh-darned happy with life these days, I'm going to leave this open until 27th Nov (next Saturday - midnight Central time). I'll add them up and announce the winner early the next week. To keep the celebration going, I'm blatantly stealing an idea from Vicki Rocho at Rambles & Randomness. I want to continue feeling great this year, and pass it along to any who care to join me... If you want to participate, just email me your name and address (I'll never forward them to anyone else). Periodically, I'll draw a name and send a little card or gift - just something small to give the recipient a little surprise in the mail. Nothing that'll break the bank, just enough that you'll know you were in my thoughts that day. Are you up for it? I'm more excited about this one... it lasts longer! And last for today. So thanks so much to everyone who passed along their commenting secrets/methods from my last post. I like so many of your ideas, I'm still working on it on this end - but I'll figure out what works for me. Thanks a bunch again and I'll catch you really soon!